Hello world, my name is Jeffrey Adams. I am a passionate game developer with a diverse background of skills and experiences. The first few years of my career were spent as an architectural illustrator, creating detailed renders of buildings that were being designed. I learned how to accurately create 3D models of structures and other assets from blueprints and photo reference. My analytical side that likes technical challenges meant that I was also assigned more technical tasks such as troubleshooting why certain scenes would not render, managing the render farm and figuring out new more efficient workflows to speed render times. After this I made the choice to focus more on technical areas by returning to school for software development. After one year at college, I found work as a Java web developer. I’ve now spent the last seven years working for various companies with different technologies and am a capable software developer. At the same time my passion for games and other interactive technology lead me to learn related technology in my spare time. I started with OpenGL and developed my own primitive game engines. However, I realized I wanted to work more with gameplay systems instead of lower engine level code and switched to working with off-the-shelf engines. I decided to focus on Unreal Engine 4 as I had already had a working knowledge of the engine having done some modding and level design on previous versions of the engine. I now have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the engine and have even released my own game called Cube Full of Mines.